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Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments

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The CALBA Assessment consists of a comprehensive set of questions, similar to those asked by a clinician taking a case history of low back pain (LBP). These are divided into two parts.

Part 1 is a simple set of questions, which CALBA automatically processes to identify applicants, who are likely to have a herniated (‘slipped’) disc, or some other condition, for which a normal yoga class or exercise regime would be risky.

Part 2 is a longer, more in-depth set of questions. CALBA automatically processes the data and streams the applicants into appropriate treatment categories, according to their condition. An LBP expert inspects the results for each applicant and supervises the preparation of each report.

Only those applicants, who are judged in Part 1 to be at risk, need to take Part 2. CALBA gives the remainder advice on precautions and appropriate forms of yoga upon completion of Part 1.

The registration and Part 1 are free.