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  • How to add my location

    To add location to your profile, please go My Account > My Profile. Press button "Edit profile" on the right hand side of your cover image (green button). At tab "Personal details" find field "Address". Start typing your address (Start with house number or postcode or town). The exact address is coming up and you can just simple select from the drop-down.
  • How to find and edit my profile

    1. Hover over the heading, MY ACCOUNT
    2. Click on MY PROFILE
    3. Click on EDIT MY PROFILE
    4. Your DETAILS appear and can be edited
    5. Save the editing before leaving the form (Click SUBMIT at bottom of page)
    6. Before leaving the website, log off (via LOG ON/OFF at top of page)
  • How to register for membership

    Registering for membership is a simple process.

    Click on "Sign Up" button at the top right hand corner of the site, next to the "Log in / Out" button. Then choose the appropriate Membership Plan by clicking the Sign Up button at the bottom of the corresponding section.
    This will take you to the registration form to fill out the relevant information we need to process your application.
  • How to manage membership for users manually

    Administrator is able to assign, modify, delete membership for user at menu: 

    Administration / User Membership Review

    Change membership plan by reviewing the profile page:

    By clicking on the users's "First Name" (first column), the user's membership profile comes up. At the first field "Plan", a user's membership can be changed by selecting the appropriate plan from the drop-down menu. To confirm the changes, the page has to be saved!

    Change the status of membership plan:

    Administrator can modify, cancel membership service for user at anytime. To do so, go to the bottom of the page under the same menu, and use "Satus". From the drop-down for example to delete membership, choose Cancelled-Refund-Pending or Cancelled-Refunded (depending the status of refund).

    Status from Pending to Active and vise-versa can also be triggered by using buttons "Publish" / "Unpublish"

    Delete membership:

    To permanently delete user and their subscription, select user by ticking the box next to his First Name on the left hand side, and choose button "Delete". This will permanently delete the user from the membership system.

    Add new membership:

    Press button "New" to add new membership. At the section "plan" choose the desired to plan and add user (only registered ones appear). By saving the page, the user will be added to the selected membership plan.

    Renew Subcription:

    Administrator can manually renew memberships for user by the basic unit of period the user has been assigned initially. To do so, press button "Renew Subcription". This will add another period to the existing one(s).
  • How to process user application

    After successful user's registration, the admin has 2 steps approval procedure to finalize the registration:

    I. Processing Membership: at menu 'Administration/User Membership Review' the user membership status needs to be changed in order to recognize the candidate as member:

    1: Go to the the table view and click on the "First Name" of the user
    2: At the very bottom of the page at field "Status", change status accordingly (please note that all applicant's statuses are set to pending until admin review by default):
        a: Active - Most likely used after user's application review
        b: Expired - Once user's subcription expire this will be automatically applied
        c: Cancelled Refund Pending - Applicants has been declined and refund is under process
        d: Cancelled Refunded - User has been declined and refunded for any outstanding balance

    II. Processing User approvals for the system - Yoga community

    Admin(s) receive notification email for new user registration/application. Please go to Yoga Community from heading Admin, and on the top right menu, located next to the search field at the profile view, click on the small arrow icon. From the drop-down menu, chose Admin panel, and under tab System Admin, choose Users manager link. You will see the list of registered and approved users here. Just click on the name of the user and change status of the registrant to the role he / she applied for. Save the pop-up panel, and now the user has those facilities that the membership has been configured for.