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Frequently Asked Questions

Click "Sign Up" button at the top right hand corner of the site

Choose the appropriate Membership Plan by clicking the Sign Up button at the bottom of the corresponding section. This takes you to the Registration Form.

Fields marked "*" are mandatory.

Fields with a red ikon (on the right side) are personal data. Click on the red ikon and click whether you want it to be kept private, made available to the public, or shared only with other Members on the site whom you specify.

Username:  For logging in, your User Name will be the same as your email address.

Password:  You will need this password for logging in, so write it down clearly before keying it in and keep it in a safe place (together with the email address you have provided, in case you have more than one).

Address. We need this in order to see whether we have suitable yoga therapists/teachers and people wanting help with health problems within reach of one another. When you have entered your address, a map will appear showing your location. Be sure to include your postcode.

At the bottom of the page, below the address and map, Tick the relevant items about your profession and your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, and then Click the “Process Membership” box. This will save your data and provide instructions on how to complete your application for Membership.

  1. Hover over the heading, MY ACCOUNT
  2. Click on MY PROFILE
  3. Click on EDIT MY PROFILE
  4. Your PERSONAL DETAILS appear and can be edited
  5. To see and edit your FURTHER DETAILS, click the right hand heading
  6. Save the editing before leaving the Profile tables (Click SUBMIT at bottom of page)
  7. Before leaving the website, log off (via LOG ON/OFF at top of page)
To add location to your profile, please go My Account > My Profile. Press button "Edit profile" on the right hand side of your cover image (green button). At tab "Personal details" find field "Address". Start typing your address (Start with house number or postcode or town). The exact address is coming up and you can just simple select from the drop-down.