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We are building a comprehensive service to enable people with low back pain (LBP) to assess their condition and to find an appropriate yoga therapist or teacher within reach of them. We invite suitably-qualified yoga therapists and teachers to join this service and receive LBP referrals from us. Our LBP assessment system categorises people into those with moderate, non-specific LBP and those with more serious types of LBP, including herniated ('slipped') disc and sciatica (pain in the leg due to nerve root trapping). In order to meet their needs we categorise our yoga therapists and specialist yoga teachers into (a) those with the necessary qualifications and experience to work safely and effectively with severe, as well as moderate, types of LBP and (b) those only qualified to work with moderate non-specific LBP. We accept yoga therapists and teachers from any organisations which we consider to have provided the appropriate levels of training. Suitably-qualified yoga therapists and teachers can apply to take part in this service by registering as a Basic Member or Pro Member.



* Yoga therapists get referrals of suitable clients

* Yoga teachers refer students with LBP for CALBA assessments, monitoring & advice

PRO MEMBERSHIP (£10 per month)


* Those of Basic Membership

* Expert consultancy

* Resources on yoga therapy for LBP and other health conditions

* Communication with other Pro Members: blogging, material sharing, messaging, chatting (with or without video)

* Communication and sharing within specialised groups of Pro Members

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Who provides Yoga Therapy

 We offer training courses on yoga for low back pain (LBP) and sciatica for yoga therapists and yoga teachers.  These range from:

     a)    One day workshops for yoga teachers on when and how they can safely include students with mild LBP in their classes.

     b)    Courses for yoga therapists and yoga teachers, who have not previously trained in yoga for LBP and sciatica, on how to provide yoga therapy for these conditions.

     c)    Courses for yoga therapists and yoga teachers who have previously trained in yoga for nonspecific LBP, who want to extend their competence to LBP with sciatica

     d)    Refresher courses for yoga therapists and yoga teachers who have previously trained in yoga for LBP but want to renew and extend their expertise.

Some of these courses will be wholly or partly available on the Internet.

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For further information contact us at:   enquiries@yogatherapy.org

     Most yoga teachers have an occasional student (or applicant) with LBP, whose condition might be worsened by their classes.  This is not always easy to detect because small but significant increases in pain can be masked by other effects of yoga, which are beneficial. 

     CALBA, our online LBP assessment system, categorises cases of LBP into (a) those for whom a gentle yoga class could be suitable (with precautions) and (b) those who would be at risk in such a class and for whom specialist yoga therapy could be helpful.  CALBA also has a monitoring system which enables students with LBP to keep a record of their condition.  This enables them and their yoga teacher to detect any worsening that might have been caused by the yoga and take steps to prevent this happening.  

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Who provides yoga therapy?

Contact us at enquiries@yogatherapy.org, giving information on your profession and reason for contacting us.

Contact us at enquiries@yogatherapy.org, giving information on your profession and reason for contacting us.