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Types of low back pain (LBP)

·         There are many different types of LBP

·         Mild conditions usually clear up with ordinary yoga classes

·         More severe conditions require specialist yoga therapy

·         ‘Slipped’ disc and sciatica (shooting pain in leg) can be exacerbated by ordinary yoga

Our Treatment

·         You start with an online assessment of your LBP.

·         The report includes advice on whether to go to an ordinary yoga class (with precautions) or to a yoga therapist or teacher specialising in LBP.

·         We can recommend specialist yoga therapists and teachers local to you or online

     Yoga Therapy can help with many other health conditions besides low back pain.  We do not at present have a detailed service for those other conditions but can recommend suitable yoga therapists in your area, if they are available.     

     For further information about other ailments, go to: Ailments/Other ailments