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Yoga Biomedical Trust

The Yoga Biomedical Trust (YBT) was founded in 1983 as a registered charity (no. 285265) in order to facilitate the development of yoga as a holistic therapy for the treatment and prevention of medical conditions, and for the cultivation of positive health. YBT has a unique position at the interface of yoga with clinical medicine and complementary medicine. 

Having a solid grounding in science and a broad knowledge of the different tendencies and schools within yoga, its practitioners can tailor their treatments to specific health problems as well as teaching general wellbeing through yoga.

     YBT has pioneered programs of advanced yoga therapy training, clinical work and research, under the auspices of yoga practitioners and medical experts of high professional standing. It aims to have Yoga Therapy fully accepted within the modern healthcare system, including the National Health Service in the UK.
     The Founder and Director of YBT is Robin Monro, PhD, who left a very promising research career in molecular biology to carry out this work.