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Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments

How do I start

     Yoga therapy normally starts with an assessment of your condition. This enables your yoga therapist to work out a suitable course of action. 
     For low back pain (LBP) and sciatica the initial assessment consists of completing a set of forms in CALBA, our advanced system for Computer-Assisted Low Back Assessment.   Since CALBA is available on the Internet, these assessments can take place anywhere at any at time.  You receive a report on the condition with recommendations on its management, and categorisation of it according to whether a normal yoga class (with precautions) is likely to be safe and helpful, or a specialist yoga therapist or teacher is needed for safety and effectiveness.  If a normal yoga class is recommended, we can brief your teacher about your condition and appropriate precautions.  If a yoga therapist or a specialist teacher is recommended, we can help you find one (see Who provides yoga therapy).   We can also provide ongoing advice, through the CALBA monitoring system, if the healing of your condition is likely to take several weeks or months and require different levels of treatment and precautions over this period.
     To start with you register as a Client Member.  This opens the pathway to:
         (a) CALBA assessment
         (b) Finding a suitable yoga therapist or teacher
         (c) Monitoring your condition during treatment
         (d) Expert consultancy
         (e) Information on yoga therapy
         (f) Chat groups with other clients
     Client Membership is for free.
     There is a charge of £12 for the CALBA assessment.  There will then be additional charges if you ask us to find a suitable yoga therapist, monitor the LBP or provide consultancy.  Further details are available on request.

To register as a Client Member

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     If you are in any doubt about your medical condition you should consult your medical practitioner.