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Yoga Therapy for Common Ailments

Who provides yoga therapy?

     Yoga therapy is provided by yoga teachers who have undergone additional training in anatomy, physiology, pathology and the application of yoga to medical conditions.
     Several courses, provided by different organisations, are available for such training. They vary in the techniques they use and the amounts of medical knowledge they impart.   Some courses cover a wide spectrum of different conditions and last two or more years.   Others are limited to specific conditions (e.g. cancer or low back pain) and may last just a few weekends.  We term people qualified by the broad spectrum courses, yoga therapists, and those qualified by the specialised courses, specialist yoga teachers.
     It is important to choose a yoga therapist or specialist yoga teacher to suit your condition.  We are currently building a database of yoga therapists and specialist yoga teachers, who are qualified to work with low back pain and sciatica.  Through this, together with our CALBA assessment system, we are beginning to provide a service for finding the nearest, suitable yoga therapist or specialist yoga teacher to suit each person’s condition.   If there is none in your locality, we can provide yoga therapy for low back pain and sciatica over the Internet.
     We can, also, recommend yoga therapists and teachers for other health problems but not in such a precise manner, as for low back pain.

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